Chez Luc (brèves de comptoir)

"Chez Luc", le bar où l'on peut venir bavarder ensemble à propos des choses qui fâchent, ou qui réjouissent, ou qui émeuvent ... Je vis près d'Avignon, en Provence. J'ai trois bons copains qui viennent au bar pour nous raconter la dernière du jour : Jack, de Belinto en Provence, Patrick, d'Audierne en Bretagne, et Philippe, de Piriac en Bretagne du sud (qu'on appelle aussi "Pays de Loire").

Les auteurs (le patron et les habitués)

Photo Luc

Luc, Avignon

Photo Padraig

Padraig, Audierne

Photo Jack

Jack, Belinto

Photo Philippe

Philippe, Piriac

dimanche 23 janvier 2005

Ils vendent de tout sur !

Voici le JL421 Badonkadonk Land Cruiser, pour $19.999,95, diponible sous 1 à 2 mois.

Il peut transporter jusqu'à 5 personnes à l'intérieur ou sur le toit. Vitesse maxi : 60 km/h.
On peut le piloter depuis l'intérieur du véhicule blindé, ou en se tenant debout à travers une trappe, le torse exposé au dehors.
Il est équipé d'un phare à l'avant, de clignotants pour tourner, et d'un éclairage du dessous de la carosserie, d'une très avenante couleur rouge.
Il dispose d'un haut-parleur de 400 watts et d'une caméra externe.

On en veut tous un pour Noël, non ?

Pour en commander un :
1. JL421 Badonkadonk Land Cruiser/Tank (

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Blogger Axel said...

Ca a un GROS air du "bidule volant à voile" de Jabba dans Star Wars tout de même.
La petite photo:

lundi, 24 janvier, 2005  
Blogger Luc said...

Oui, c'est vrai ... J'y avais pensé, d'ailleurs quand je l'avais vu, avec sa touche Star Wars mâtinée de Mad Max sur les bords ...

lundi, 24 janvier, 2005  
Blogger Caroline said...

T'as lu les comments qui suivent sur,
J'adore celui là...

Hummer Destroyer., January 22, 2005
Badonkadonker (NYC) - See all my reviews

SO there I was stopped at the red light on 67th and Lexington in my Mini Cooper when this yellow Hummer rear-ended me. Before I could jump out and confront the moron driver, he backed up and drove off!! I was able to get his license plate number before he disappeared. I had seen the Badonkadonk on Amazon a few weeks prior and had thought that it was awesome, but the high shipping costs made me hesitant to buy it. However, with the Hummer incident fresh in my mind, I rushed home and placed an order for the Badonkadonk on the spot! Since I used my visa, I received 19,999 points which was cool -- I am going to use the points to buy an U2 edition Ipod which will go well in my Badonkadonk. But I digress! With FedEx overnight delivery, I had the Badonkadonk in my posession the next morning. I obtained the address of the Hummer driver from my contacts at the DMV and drove over to his crib and smoked his hummer using the built in Argon-freon-fusion laser. All that was left of the Hummer was a smoking hunk of metal. As I drove off, I could see the owner of the Hummer run out of house in his underwear and throw himself on the ground in front of the charred ruin in despair. It caused a tremendous sense of elation in me.

The Badonkadonk is well worth the investment; the built in Alpine 1200 Watt stereo system means that you can listen to your tunes and travel in style. And the Recaro racing seats and Momo shift knobs are cool. Run, don't walk, to your computer and order the Badonkadonk now -- you won't be sorry!

lundi, 31 janvier, 2005  
Blogger Luc said...

Non, j'avais pas lu les comments, et celui-là est le meilleurs de tous !
Mais il y en a d'autres pas mal non plus :

...a little help here?, January 14, 2005

Reviewer : Andrew B. Smith "tank maven" (San Francisco, CA)
Keep in mind that traveling over steep hills (greater than 2%) such as those you might find at the base of your driveway or pretty much anywhere in the San Francisco Bay Area, are not part of this vehicle's repertoire. On the bright side, they serve as a great opportunity to meet folks when you get outside and push. "Want to help me push my big old badonkadonk up this hill?"
et un autre :

Amazing vehicle, January 14, 2005

Reviewer : Justin (New York, NY)

This thing is amazing. I can take it everywhere. For once in my life, driving down 3rd Avenue in NYC isn't dangerous. Taxis all get out of my way, lest they be CRUSHED!

lundi, 31 janvier, 2005  

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